Rutgers Chabad Leads Joyous Chanukah Car Parade
Story by Harry Glazer as published in The Jewish Link
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Chanukah Holiday Opens with Massive Car Menorah Parade More than 100 vehicles will be gathering this evening to parade through neighborhoods in the Jersey Shore area blasting Chanukah Holiday music...
Rutgers Chabad Campus Happenings During Covid Virtual and CDC Compliant Programs to Keep Students Connected with the Campus Jewish Community
New Jersey Chabad Leadership Meets with incoming President Jonathan Holloway of Rutgers University As New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the FY 2021 New Jersey State Budget, he chose the outdoor SHI Football Stadium at Rutgers University...
Gan Israel Highland Park Rocked this Summer! Gan Israel Highland Park has a successful and safe summer!
Weekly Torah Portion
Our Parsha - Vayeira Text of Parshah (Hebrew with English translation) - Parshas Vayeira.
The Name of the Parsha - Vayeira At first glance, Parshas Vayeira is a direct continuation of Parshas Lech Lecha. In Parshas Lech Lecha we read of Avraham’s journeys, disputes...
The Weekly Aliyot of the Parsha - Vayeira A short summary of the Torah portion read in the Synagogue on Shabbat.
The Throw-Away Generation We live in a throw-away generation. Per capita, each person in the US produces 760 kilograms, or almost one ton of garbage per year...
Prayers Will the format of our prayers change in the time of Redemption?
In the Light of Rabbi Shimon The group of sages gathered around the bed of their mentor, listening avidly to the words of wisdom emitting from his lips. His final request of...
When the Child Becomes Bar Mitzva On the eve of 20 Elul 5760 (2000), the bar mitzva of Yosef Sorotzkin was celebrated. It was an especially moving occasion because Yosef, a sweet...
Your Chanukah Guide This Chanukah Guide is designed to provide the practical details as well as some insights into the "inner dimension" of Chanukah observance.
How to Celebrate Chanukah Menorah, Dreidel, Recipies and Customs
The History of Chanukah It was in the time of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, nearly twenty-two centuries ago, that the events took place which we commemorate each year at...
Children's Corner Here's a Bright Idea! * Show Me the Way Home! * The Greek Touch * Listening To The Candles

5:29 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 6:27 PM
Friday, 26 Feb 2021

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