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Friday, March 5, 2021 - 21 Adar 5781
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Shul Bulletin: October 2017
Welcome Back to Rabbi Moshe and Chaikee Carlebach who are moving into our Wayside Community.   

We are honored that you have chosen our Shul and area for your future, and wish you both much Success, Hatzlacha, and Nachas. Rabbi Moshe has already organized the following Shul programs;

For Rosh Hashana we celebrated a New Year Family Dinner.  The Shul had Youth programs for all Services.   On Yom Kippur. we had a pre-Yom Kippur Kapporos Ceremony, and Youth Services. In addition, Rabbi Moshe and Rabbi Mendy Pevzner organized a Shofar Factory in the Neptune ShopRite.

For Sukkot we expect all our families to participate in a Mega-Shul Simchat Torah celebration on Thursday night October 12, starting at 6:00 PM

Please keep your eyes open for future activities for young and old.   You can reach Rabbi Moshe at his cell 732-433-0800

A special “Yasher Koach” to our Shul Gabbai, Joel Glastein for always being there for us.   From setting up the room, the pledge cards, the Machzorim, Siddurim, Taleisim, Joel is always a willing and devoted Shul Leader.  And we recognize Joel for this!  So, may Hashem repay Joel and Sharon and their family for many years to come!

Please help the Shul with a Yom Kippur Pledge.   Envelopes and pledge cards are available from the Shul Office.

Mazel Tov to Rabbi and Mrs Yosef Carlebach upon birth of grandson Nochum to children Rabbi Mendy and Chumi Carlebach.
If you wish to order a Etrog and Lulav set in honor of Sukkot, please call Rabbi Yosef Carlebach, 732-922-0042

A Refuah Shelaima (Get well) wish to Miriam Blizinsky, We look forward to seeing you back in Shul - healthily and speedily !

Welcome back to Felix Amar !!   It was great to see you and your grandchildren in Shul recently.  

Mazel Tov to Felix and Susan Amar upon upcoming Bar Mitzvah of grand-son on Shabbat Noach, October 21.   May you merit to much Nachat !!

Yasher Koach  - Thank You to Norman Colten for planting beautiful and stunning flowers and bushes (and to all the volunteers who daily water the plants), in our Shul parking areas.   The Shul grounds are now a “Mechaye” to observe! And to all the wonderful Shul People who give of themselves, their time, their money, and their good will.   

Please note that all work for the communal good is noticed and counted. Whether you attend Shul every week, month, or whether you come to a class, buy the bagels, visit someone in need, or even volunteer to water our flowers, all of the above make our Shul and Shul Family so special!   So, Thank You, and may we all be blessed with a Happy Healthy New Year.!!

Construction has begun on the Shul Lower Level restrooms, and Kitchens.   Come see for yourself how our Shul is expanding !  As the Shul moves forward, we invite every member to consider a gift to out current building.  You can dedicate items in perpetuity for yourself or for a loved family member.  .  Perhaps consider a Yahrzeit Plaque ($500.00), or a Lifetime Seat Dedication ($5000)  .  As the Shul expands, we must purchase additional Machzorim for the High Holidays.  Each Machzor can be dedicated for a gift of $40.

If you are interested in any type of honorial or memorial to a loved one, and wish to discuss this confidentially with the Rabbi, please call Rabbi Yosef Carlebach at 732-433-5800

We welcome any family or individual who wishes to be a sponsor of a Shabbat Kiddush.   Call 732-433-0800   Thank You

Yasher Koach to Dr. Arthur and Anna Lee Berger,  Andrew Berkowitz,  Bernice and Norman Colten,  Joy and Dr. Norman Einhorn,  Felix Amar,  Howard Walter,  Janet and Daniel Schiff, and Rick and Robin Schottenfeld for their generous gifts to the Shul Family.

Thank you to Sol and Carin Greenspan for donating a Sukkah to our Shul.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Grazi for the beautiful Flower arrangements, to enhance the Shul during the High Holidays.
Our sincerest condolences to Connie Bard, upon passing of beloved husband, Arnie Bard, OBM.

A new “Shalash Seudas” Meal and Torah Discussion takes place every Saturday evening after Mincha in our Daily Chapel.   Men and women invited to attend.


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