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Shul Bulletin: May 2016
A Grand Kiddush will be sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Carlebach on Shabbat Acharei,  May 7th, commemorating the Yahrzeit  of Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach,OBM (the father of our Rabbi).  All are invited to attend!

One of our regular “Minyan-Aires” , Jonathan Weber is kindly sponsoring all Shul breakfasts the week of May 1 - 7th.  This is honoring the Yahrzeit of his beloved father, OBM

Mazel Tov to Mathew and Anne Paszamant  upon upcoming Bat Mitzvah  of daughter Maia.   May you merit to have much Nachas in days and years ahead !

A Grand Kiddsuh will be sponsored by Joel and Sharon Glastein on Sahbbat Behar, May 28, commemorating the Yahrzeit of Joel’s beloved mother, Mrs. Belle Glastein, OBM    Everyone is invited!

A Grand Kiddush will be sponsored by Phil and Ivis Rachmelowitz on Shabbat Bechukotai, June 4, commemorating their Wedding Anniversary.   May you both be blessed for many happy,  healthy and  “Nachasdik” years together!!

Thank you to the following families and individuals that have recently sponsored Memorial Yahrzeit Plaques for a loved family member. Michael and Sandi Rosenstein,  Victor Grazi,  Howard Walter, and Daniel and Janet Schiff.

Our Shul is sponsoring the following programs in the month of Mayl  (Watch for mailed flyers for more details.)

A new spring Torah Study Program (for 5 weeks) will be launched by Rabbi Moshe Carlebach.   Look for upcoming details.

A new “Shalash Seudas” Meal and Torah Discussion takes place every Saturday evening after Mincha in our Daily Chapel.   Men and women invited to attend.

A major Community Wide Festival will be held in our Shul “Lag B’Omer Outing, Bonfire and BBQ”  on Thursday, May 26th in our Shul Parking area, at 5 PM.  Come join a wonderful fun filled evening for the whole family !!!   (Details to follow).

Our Shul celebrated a wonderful Pesach-Passover Season !   Firstly, a Community Seder was held in the Shul Social Hall for more than 60 people. It was organized and conducted by Rabbi Moshe Carlebach, and Rabbi Moshe Avtzon, and the Passover Seder Meal was exceptional! (Reservations have already started arriving for next year’s Shul seder - (L’Shana Haba BiYerushalayim) !!

Our Shul had consecutive Minyans every day for all the days of Pesach (including Chol Hamoed)!!   Thanks to all who made our Pesach so special !

Welcome back to Shlomo and Chedva Weiss upon their return from trip to Israel.

If you have any family or friend in need of special “Mi Sheberach” (Get Well Soon Prayer), please email name and person’s mother Hebrew name to rabbi@waysideshul.org

As we are in the  spring months, we ask all our members to help our weekday Minyan.   Please help your Shul!   Every Monday and Thursday morning at 7:00 AM!   And you can even get a Bagel Breakfast to go!    If you can volunteer one morning weekly or monthly, please let us know rabbi@waysideshul.org     Thank You

Our Shul has installed two of five) Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques in the Main Sanctuary.  These plaques are designed (on a similar theme to our ‘Founders Wall’) by world renowned artist Michoel Muchnik. The first Memorial Plaque is based on the biblical theme of “Abraham’s Tent” and the second Memorial Plaque is based on the historical “Rachel’s Tomb”.

Dedication of each Memorial Plaque (with a large Dedication Plaque -listing the Donor Family) is now available for a contribution of $10,000.00     

The individual Yahrzeit Plaques are available to all Shul Members, and Families for a contribution of $500.00 per Plaque.  For more info, or to order your Memorial Plaque, please contact Rabbi Carlebach at 732-922-0042 or email at rabbi@waysideshul.org

If you wish to sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush for an important life cycle event, please call Rabbi Carlebach to reserve date, 732-922-0042.



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