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Shul Bulletin - November 2013
To all our members: We are putting together a list of all names of our family members and friends that need a “Get Well - Mi SheBerach” prayer at our Torah service.  Please email the (Hebrew or Yiddish) name of any individual and their mother’s (Hebrew or Yiddish) name to prayers@waysideshul.org    We will include their names at every occasion that we read from the Torah in our Shul.

As you are aware, our Shul has begun the New year with ALL Services held in the new facility!!   We need your financial support now at this critical time of completion of construction!   We wish to thank the following Shul Members for recently responding to our Shul Appeal this High Holiday Season.  Dr. and Mrs. Cary Glastein, Marcell Colmer, and Dr. Martin Fried.

A Grand Kiddush will be sponsored by Bernice and Norman Colten on Shabbat Chayei Sarah - October 26, commemorating the Yahrzeit of Bernice’s beloved father.    All are invited.

A Grand Kiddush will be sponsored by Shlomo and Hedva Weiss on Shabbat Toldot - November 2.  In honor of Yahrzeit of beloved father of Shlomo, Reb Chaim Zvi, OBM.

A Grand Kiddush will be sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs Yosef Carlebach on Shabbat Vayeishev - Nov. 23 honoring the Chassidic Yom Tov of 19-20 Kislev!   Come all to this celebration and Farbrengen-Chassidic Gathering!

Bon Voyage - Tzeitchem L’Shalom to our Shul Members Norman Ginsberg upon his travelling to Palm City, Florida, and to Boaz Babad for his returning to Israel!   Tzeitchem L’Shalom U’ Boachem Leshalom!

Happy Birthday to Menucha Carlebach upon her upcoming birthday!   Mazel Tov to Surchi Pevzner upon her upcoming birthday! Much Nachas and Simchas to all!

Mazel Tov to Jerry and Susan Weiner upon celebration of Wedding Anniversary!

Our Shul is now beginning Monday and Thursday Shacharit Minyanim! Every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 Am (Followed by fresh-brewed coffee and Rugelach!)

Yasher Koach to all out “Minyanaires’!    Our President, Andrew Maze sends out an email every week, and asks people to ‘sign up’ for a commitment to come to the Sunday-Monday-Thursday and Shabbat Minyanim.  To date, we haven’t missed a Minyan on all weekends!!!   So, please keep up the attendance!   If you wish to be included on our weekly email list, please send your email address to www.waysideshul.org

Please don’t forget our weekly Torah Study Group every Wednesday at 8 PM.

And our weekly Sunday Shacharit Minyan followed by a Lavish Bagel Breakfast.   All are Invited!!  Special Thanks to Mrs Miriam Burr, Phyllis and Steven Reppen, and to Dr. Martin Fried for helping purchase and prepare the lavish breakfast.

Please Reserve the Date  Friday Night November 29 at 5:00 PM for our Annual Shul Chanukah Shabbaton Dinner!  Guest Speaker!  Five Star Catered Shabbat Dinner!  Details to Follow!


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