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Shul Bulletin - June 2018

Shabbos Kiddush Sponsors
June 2nd, Parshat Bahalotcho:
 Kiddush is sponsored by Phil and Ivis Rachmelowitz.
June 9th, Parshat Shelach:
 Kiddush is sponsored by Maze and Shapiro families in honor of their children's graduation.
June 16th, Parshat Korach:
 Kiddush is sponsored by Norman & Bernice Colten
June 23th, Parshat Chukat:
Kiddush is sponsored by Rabbi & Rebbitzen Carlebach in honor of the Rebbe.

Reserve the Date
There will be a Shabbaton on July 27-28 featuring guest speaker Mark Halawa, who went from a Kuwaiti Muslim to a Jerusalem Jew. Join us and hear his incredible and inspiring journey. To reserve a spot, please email:  RabbiM@waysideshul.org

Yasher Koach to Ivis & Phil Rachmelowitz upon their 56th Wedding Anniversary. Till 120 happy, healthy years together and thanks for their beautiful kiddush on Shabbat Behalotcho, June 2nd.

Mazel Tov to Maze and Shapiro Families upon the graduation of their children, John Maze (university), Noah Maze (high school) and Amy Shapiro (high school) and thank you for their sponsorship of the kiddush for Shabbat Shelach, June 10th.

Our new Shul Stained Glass Windows have been installed.   Please come and check the magnificent and beautiful Mitzva Themed Windows. They represent some very important and central Mitzvot, and were designed by artist Maurice (Moshe) Mahler. These windows transform our Shul Foyer into a compact Judaica Museum! Yasher Koach to Daniel and Janet Schiff and to Dr. Charles and Meryl Markowitz for their generous contributions to make this possible.

In addition to the new Stained Glass Windows, we have now installed an artistic and modern Shul Pushka. This Pushka, designed and created by world-renowned artist Michoel Muchnik, is fashioned with Jerusalem Stone, and is capable of accepting cash and credit cards! Yasher Koach to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schiff for sponsoring the Pushka in honor of Rabbi Moshe Carlebach and Rabbi Mendy Pevzner.

Refuah Shelaima to Chaim Babad,  Renate Mesnikoff,  Phyllis Reppen, and Miriam Blizinsky.   May we only share good healthy news from all our Shul Family.

And to all the wonderful Shul People who give of themselves, their time, their money, and their good will, please note that all work for the communal good is noticed and counted. Whether you attend Shul every week, month, or whether you come to a class, buy the bagels, visit someone in need, or even volunteer to water our flowers, all of the above make our Shul and Shul Family so special!  

We have installed an “Annual Shabbat Kiddush” Calendar.  We welcome any family or individual who wishes to be a sponsor of a Shabbat Kiddush, to be placed in the Annual Kiddush Calendar. Call 732-433-0800, Thank You!


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